Lighting is one of the most powerful design tools to dramatically affect the look and feel of a room.

It is essential to achieving the mood and style you desire, whether you are wanting to enhance your home, office, or a public place like a restaurant or hotel.

Design choices can include a sparkling crystal chandelier in the foyer to spell beauty and style, a floor lamp placed next to a favourite armchair to cast a soft and relaxing glow or a linear pendant hanging low over a dining table.

There are many options available for creating a cosy space to curl up in with a good book, a bright and precisely lit workspace in a kitchen, or an intimate and relaxed mood for a bedroom.

Outdoors, the lighting up of an old, beautiful tree will transform an average backyard into a magical space that will be inviting for spending happy evenings with friends and family.

Great designs have a variety of layered lighting that can be individually controlled. Most rooms will benefit from combining ambient lighting with accent and task lighting.

Thoughtfully chosen lights can bring to life spaces that feel just right for their intended purpose.