Custom finishing is a way of enhancing the appearance and durability of metal products.

We provide the following custom finishing services.

  • Brass polishing: The process of buffing the surface of brass to make it shiny and smooth again.
  • Removing lacquer: The process of stripping the protective coating to expose the natural colour and texture. This process allows the product to naturally oxidise and organically age over time so you can enjoy the beauty of a living finish.
  • Powdercoating: The process of applying a dry powder of paint or resin to metal surfaces and curing it with heat or UV light to form a hard and durable coating.
  • Aging brass and copper products: The process of applying chemicals or heat to create a patina or an antique look.


Electrical lighting repair services are essential for your lighting fixture to maintain their functionality and safety. Whether you have a table lamp, a floor lamp or a pendant light, you may encounter some common problems such as flickering, dimming, buzzing or not turning on at all. These issues can be caused by faulty wiring, loose connections, damaged sockets or burned-out bulbs.

We collaborate with a qualified electrician who can troubleshoot these types of issues, repair or replace switches and other componentry, re-wire and also organise minor structural repairs.